Visit from A Canadian Telecom Company, Seeking New application of DQFC
=== April 6, 2004 ===

Representatives from a Canadian Telecommunication Company visited Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai) Inc. on April 6, 2004 to discuss the possibility of applying DQFC Zinc Air Fuel Cell in the communicatin power supply system.

The said Canadian Telecommunication Company originally planned to use Lead-Acid batteries as the power source, which can only last about 1 hour on standby. In comparison with Lead-Acid batteries, Powerzinc's DQFC Zinc Air Fuel Cells can provide more than 6 hours standby time with much more lighter weight. Besides, communication engineering often involves field operations, where electric network is seldom available. This is critical to the Lead-Acid batteries as they are dependent on electric network for recharging. Obviously DQFC Zinc Air Fuel Cell has more potential applications due to its refueling mode of replacement of the "fuel" zinc plates. Both parties have agreed to have further detailed cooperation in the near future.


About Powerzinc

Powerzinc Electric, Inc. is a California-based Hi-Tech company. It is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of advanced zinc-air fuel cells and entire manufacture facilities, along with fuel cells refuel service platform. Through years of R&D, Powerzinc has achieved significant breakthroughs in zinc-air fuel cell technology and developed the high power, large energy, long-lasting, low cost and environment-friendly power and energy source. Its innovative products - DQFC series of zinc-air fuel cells with creative design and process technology is a totally renewable energy for electric vehicles and various other applications today.


About Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai), Inc

In Shanghai, China, Powerzinc has established a zinc-air fuel cell manufacturing and service model plant to commercialize the technology and its products. The plant is ready for commercial-scale production. The Company has started supplying DQFC series zinc-air fuel cells to manufacturers of Electric Bicycles and Electric Scooters. In the near future, the new series of DQFC zinc-air fuel cells for Electric Buses, Defense and Security, Communication and other applications will be available to the commercial market soon to satisfy the real highly growing demand anywhere in the world.






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